July 25, 2018 88 min
Forbidden Fruit Episode 1

With the disappearance of Ender and Yıldız, Şahika is left in the dark. As Şahika weaves her plans for the future, she has Halit and her children in the palm of her hand and is preparing to marry Halit.

Yıldız is pregnant and she is spending her pregnancy period in a village far away from everyone to prevent any harm to her baby. Her only goal is to bring her baby into the world in good health and stay away from all evil. Yıldız's radical decision changes one night when there is a knock on her door.

Ender is paralyzed for a long time after an accident and devotes his time to recovering with determination and taking revenge on the enemy who harmed him. Realizing that he alone cannot overcome the power of his enemy, he goes to Yıldız as soon as he regains consciousness.

Ender tells Yıldız about what happened to him and they decide to cooperate against their two greatest enemies, Şahika and the power behind her.