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A Fairy Tale

1 Season Sep 2022

Zeynep, who lives an ordinary life, finds a bag full of money on her birthday and her whole life changes. Deciding to use the money to leave her old life behind and give herself a rich image, Zeynep targets the popular bachelor Onur Köksal and tries to attract both him and the Köksal family. But Zeynep will realize that getting into society is not as simple as it is in fairy tales, nor is it easy to escape her past.


1 Season Jul 2022

Neslihan has a wonderful, enviable life from the outside. While Neslihan believes in this illusion and thinks that she is living a perfect life, she learns that the person she trusts the most in life, her husband, has been cheating on her for a long time. Moreover, with a girl whom she had mistaken for her sister. All the stones she has been stepping on are shifted and Neslihan is forced to question and reinterpret right and wrong, good and bad. So that she can stand up again and fight for herself, for her family, for her children...

Forbidden Apple

5 Season Jul 2018

With the disappearance of Ender and Yıldız, Şahika is left in the dark. As Şahika weaves her plans for the future, she has Halit and her children in the palm of her hand and is preparing to marry Halit. Yıldız is pregnant and spends her pregnancy period in a village far away from everyone to prevent any harm to her baby. Her only goal is to bring her baby into the world in good health and stay away from all evil. Yıldız's radical decision changes one night when there is a knock on her door. Ender is paralyzed for a long time after an accident and devotes his time to recovering with determination and taking revenge on the enemy who harmed him. Realizing that he cannot deal with the power of the enemy alone, he goes to Yıldız as soon as he regains consciousness. Ender tells Yıldız what happened to him and they decide to cooperate against their two greatest enemies, Şahika and the power behind her.


2 Season Nov 2020

Sadakatsiz is a Turkish drama and psychological thriller television series produced by Med Yapım, the first episode of which was broadcast on October 7, 2020, directed by Neslihan Yeşilyurt, written by the duo Kemal Hamamcıoğlu and Dilara Pamuk in the first season, and by the quartet Arzu Daştan Mutlu, Mustafa Mutlu, Gamze Arslan and Nuriye Bilici since season 2. It is based on the British TV series Doctor Foster. It stars Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen.

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What about me?

4.2 (lmdb)
1 hour : 53 minutes


What Happens to Me" is about the adventures of a crazy woman named Sertab Bal. Sertab Bal is a woman in search of an identity, who constantly changes her mind about what she wants, who cannot live the regular life that her environment expects from her. Her life takes a completely different turn one day when she accidentally burns down her sister Harika's house.


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