December 3, 2019 96 min
Farewell Episode 1

Istanbul in the 1920s. After the 1st World War, the years of occupation. A country and a city in poverty and hardship; Istanbul.

Mehmet Reşat Bey, the Minister of Finance, is an honest bureaucrat, an Ottoman intellectual, struggling with the burdens of his conscience, caught between loyalty to his Sultan and rebellion against those occupying his country.

Behice, the lady of the house, M. Resat's wife, and Valide Saraylı Hanım, who turns into a permanent guest in the mansion that seems to guarantee her eternal happiness.

The order in the house changes when Kemal, Mehmet Resat's nephew, suddenly comes home one day. Kemal is seriously ill. In World War 1, he fought in Sarıkamış, the front where the Ottoman Empire suffered the greatest losses, and it was learned that he had been taken prisoner, and he was never heard from again. Before enlisting as a volunteer in Sarıkamış, he had written articles against the Sultan and the government, lawsuits were filed against him and several arrest warrants were issued.