February 28, 2018 104 min
Our Story Episode 1

Our story begins with a family struggling to survive in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the city and Filiz, the eldest child who has become the mother of the family... Filiz, who has been taking care of her 5 younger siblings since their mother abandoned them, takes care of her family despite their alcoholic father Fikri and clings to life without complaining. Like Filiz, her siblings are strong and upright children who are never gloomy, who have learned to take care of themselves;
Filiz's younger siblings are Rahmet, who is gifted, Hikmet, who is already experiencing a difficult forbidden love, Kiraz, who is conscientious and emotional, Fikret, who is younger, and İsmet, who is 1.5 years old.

Filiz is a young girl who has devoted her whole life to her siblings, who worries with her best friend and neighbor Tülay, who tries to earn money from day jobs and whose responsibilities are bigger than herself, when suddenly the handsome and charismatic Barış enters her life. This mysterious young man will do everything he can to win Filiz's heart and become a part of the family.

While Barış, who falls in love with Filiz the first time he sees her, tries to impress her, Filiz thinks that there is no place for love in her difficult life and tries to deny her feelings for Barış.

Add the protective attitude of police officer Cemil, who has been in love with Filiz for years, and things do not progress as easily as Barış thought. On top of that, Barış's secret identity and mysterious life pose a danger to their relationship.

The intersecting paths of the 6 siblings and Barış, who is in love with Filiz, will lead everyone to new stories as they try to hold on to each other and be happy despite their father Fikri, who devotes his life only to drinking and making money the easy way.