İnci's life, whose only desire is to get her teaching assignment, start her career and marry the man she loves, is suddenly turned upside down by a medical accident. She becomes pregnant through artificial insemination performed by mistake by the gynecologist she visits for a routine examination. Moreover, the samples injected belong to Engin Akarcalı, the owner of the hotel where she works, and this is the young man's last chance to become a father after undergoing cancer treatment. This event is shocking not only for İnci but also for her mother Süheyla, her grandmother Esma and Serhat, the police commissioner she is about to marry. Esma sees the incident as fate and never wants her to abort the baby. Süheyla sees what happened to her daughter as a strange repetition of fate, because she too became pregnant with her daughter at a young age and experienced all the difficulties of pregnancy out of wedlock. Therefore, she will respect her daughter's decision no matter what.