Bizim Hikaye (2017)

TV Serie Comedy, Drama | 97 min.

About Production


The story begins with a family that struggles to survive in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city and Filiz who is oldest child and turned into a mother in the family. Ever since their mother left them, Filiz looks after 5 younger siblings, despite an alcoholic father, Fikri, she takes care of the family, and holds on to life without complaining. Just like Filiz, the siblings who learned how to take care of themselves, are strong and stands upright.

Filiz’s oldest brother is Rahmet who is a gifted child, the younger one is Hikmet who felt in forbidden love, the younger one is Kiraz who is
conscience and emotional. Younger than Kiraz is Fikret and the youngest one is 1,5 year old Ismet.

Filis is the one who’s responsible is greater than her, devotes her entire life to her siblings, shares everything with her friend, Tülay, who is the neighbor, tries to make money from a day job. A charismatic and handsome man, Barış, suddenly comes into Filiz’s life. This mysterious young man tries to win Filiz’s heart and be a part of the family.




Comedy, Drama

Full Cast

  • Hazal Kaya
  • Burak Deniz
  • Reha Özcan
  • Yağızcan Konyalı
  • Nejat Uygur
  • Zeynep Selimoğlu
  • Alp Akar
  • Ömer Sevgi