Veda (2012)

TV Serie Drama, History | 90 min.

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1920’s Istanbul. After World War I, years under occupation. A city with poverty and difficulties; Istanbul.

The Minister of Finance Mehmet Reşat Bey is an honest bureaucrat, an Ottoman intellectual, struggling between loyalty to his sultan and the rebellion against the occupiers of the country.
Behice, lady of the house, wife of M. Reşat and Lady from the Court, who turned into a permanent guest in his estate and who seems as the guarantee of her eternal happiness.

The order in the house changes when Mehmet Reşat’s nephew Kemal suddenly comes home one day. Khan is seriously ill. In the 1st World War, he fought in Sarıkamış where the Ottoman Empire suffered the greatest losses, was thought to fall captive, and was never heard after. Before joining the Sarıkamış operation voluntarily, he wrote against the Sultan and the government, filed lawsuits, and had arrest warrant several times.

M. Resat doesn’t want Kemal in the house. Because Kemal is against the Sultan to which M. Reşat is bound faithfully.

Lady from the Court will do her best to hide Kemal, her grandchild until he is well.

Mehpare is responsible for Kemal’s care. Mehpare is a poor relative’s daughter who grew up in Lady’s house. The youngsters fall in love with each other. But there are great obstacles in front of this love. For example, Kemal’s likely to have tuberculosis. Also, Kemal is a fugitive. It is unknown when he will be free. And, of course, Mehpare being the maid of the house… Nobody will accept the love between the little gentleman and the maid of the house. Especially mother of Kemal, Lady from the Court.

During all this, M. Reşat encounters with an old acquaintance. Eirene, her neighbor daughter, whom she found to be a young and very beautiful woman, whom he left at the age of 17… While his wife was pregnant with his third child, he was stuck between his heart and mind.

Will Behice be able to protect her beloved husband, her house, her family?

Will the time clear the obstacles for Kemal and Mehpare? Can love be free in a captured city? Can M. Reşat dream of freedom as a part of a surrendered rulership? For his country, for himself… Can love make a captive man free?

Full Cast

  • Jale Arıkan
  • Mehmet Aslantuğ
  • Burak Yamantürk
  • Fahriye Evcen
  • Burç Kümbetlioğlu
  • Maral Üner
  • Alma Terzic

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