Kadın (2017)

TV Serie Drama | 120 min.

About Production


This is Bahar’s story, who is a mother of two, carries their love in her heart, makes them laugh in poverty and life struggle, uses herself as a shield against challenges of life. She was abandoned by her mother when she was eight, then she’s also lost her father and grandmother. While she was thinking she was all alone in life, she surprisingly met Sarp whom she attaches with a love of delicacy. Sarp unexpectedly lost his life and became a bridge to Bahar’s past, after a happy marriage and having two children. She closes her heart to others and relives memories with him every day. However, her mother who abandoned Bahar at the age of eight, reenters her family’s life, the neighborhood where she had to move will open unexpected gates. The Woman carries the lives of women who have struggled to survive in a simple reality to the screen.





Full Cast

  • Özge Özpirinçci
  • Caner Cindoruk
  • Bennu Yıldırımlar
  • Ayça Erturan
  • Ece Özdikici
  • Şerif Erol
  • Seray Kaya
  • Feyyaz Duman
  • Devrim Özder Akın
  • Kübra Süzgün
  • Ali Semi Sefil