Hayat Mucizelere Gebe (2015 - 2016)

TV Serie Drama, Romance, Comedy | 120 min.

About Production

  • Writers: Meryem Gür
  • Directors: Kerem Altuğ
  • Cast: Damla Colbay Hande Ataizi full cast
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 7
  • Published On: Kanal D


The life of İnci, whose only wish is to be appointed as a teacher and marry the man she loves, turns upside down after a medical accident. She visits a gynaecologist’s office for a routine examination, where she gets pregnant after an accidental artificial insemination. Moreover, the injected samples belong to Engin Akarcalı, the owner of the hotel where she works, and this is the last chance of this young man, who has received cancer treatment, to be a father. This is as shocking to İnci as it is for her mother Süheyla, her grandmother Esma, and for the police captain Serhat, who is on the eve of getting married to İnci. Esma thinks it is her fate and does not want her to get an abortion. Süheyla regards what happened to her as a strange recurrence of fate because she also got pregnant with her daughter at a young age and experienced all the challenges of extramarital pregnancy. So, no matter what, she will respect her daughter’s decision.

Serhat goes through the greatest destruction. He cannot believe this happened to his girlfriend at first but he never leaves İnci alone, no matter how hard it is for him. What about Engin, who received cancer treatment and survived? He is unaware that this miraculous coincidence that crosses his road with this young girl he has never known will turn into the greatest love of his life. Having spent her childhood and adolescence as an obedient child listening her mother’s warnings, İnci is shaken by the aftershocks of this event. Everything seems to be mixed up. Love, maternity, loyalty, responsibilities, future … She both experiences the excitement of meeting with true love and begins to feel the responsibility of motherhood in a daze. In course of time, İnci will understand that life is full of miracles and she cannot resist its power. She will try to make the right decision both for herself and the baby.


Full Cast

  • Damla Colbay
  • Hande Ataizi
  • Yiğit Dikmen
  • Yusuf Akgün
  • Erkan Sever
  • Burcu Binici
  • Demet İyigün
  • Murat Kapu
  • Hasan Şahin Türk
  • Kartal Balaban
  • İlayda Fidanlık
  • Işıl Yücesoy