Hayat Güzeldir (2008)

TV Serie Comedy | 90 min.

About Production


Ömer Bahtiyar lives in the outskirts of Istanbul with four children, his wife’s sister Hülya and his brother-in-law Ziya. Even though they are poor, the small world of the Bahtiyar family is peaceful and happy. “Life is beautiful,” for Bahtiyar’s family… One day when Ömer fishes on the banks of the Bosphorus he sees an old woman ready to commit suicide. Without hesitation, he gets in front of the woman and saves her… Ömer takes the old woman straight to his house. He introduces her with his family. Lamia tastes a family warmth she’s never used to. She takes power from the warmth of Bahtiyar family to hold the life again. When she comes back to life thanks to Ömer and his family, she returns to his grand mansion in the most luxurious part of Istanbul. There is a fact Ömer and his family do not yet know: Lamia is the head of Şahinoğlu family and the boss of Şahin Holding, biggest holding in Turkey! This “poor woman” whom they embraced with open arms will change Bahtiyar and his family’s life entirely… “Life is Beautiful” is a family series that connects millions to the screen.

Full Cast

  • Cem Davran
  • Enise Ütük
  • Merve Sevi
  • Alp Kırşan
  • Paşhan Yılmazel
  • Coşkun Özmeriç
  • Begüm Kütük