Güllerin Savaşı (2014 - 2016)

TV Serie Drama | 105 min.

About Production


Gülru (Damla Sönmez), who was born in the outskirts of Istanbul and grew up in the mansion at the ‘other’ side of the street where her father a gardener, has only one wish since the age of six; to be like Gülfem (Canan Ergüder), the beautiful daughter of the mansion. Even though two life she is in are like chalk and cheese, Gülru has embraced both with their ups and downs. She and Mert (Yiğit Kirazcı), who loves her so much but is enemy of the mansion and school because of his material and moral complexes, loves each other since childhood. When Gülfem returns home after years, Gülru’s childly admiration comes to light. Extraordinary meetings of Gülru and Gülfem with Ömer (Barış Kılıç), who is unforgattable heartbreak for Gülfem, tells that nothing will remain as before in this mansion and in the neighbourhood. It is inevitable that dreams and facts merge when Ömer makes Gülru confused, introducing her the true love. The trials of love and war of Gülfem, who is on top of the world, and Gülru, who is at the beginning of her own path, writes everyone’s fate all over again, and for both, there are no sins in love and war.


Full Cast

  • Damla Sönmez
  • Barış Kılıç
  • Canan Ergüder
  • Yiğit Kirazcı
  • Sercan Badur
  • Arif Pişkin
  • Meltem Pamirtan
  • Uğur Kurul
  • Atilla Şendil
  • Münire Apaydın
  • Arsen Gürzap
  • Berk Yaygın
  • Zeynep Köse
  • Feyza Civelek
  • Pınar Afşar
  • Turgay Tanülkü
  • Güzin Alkan
  • Ceren Koç