Fikrimin İnce Gülü (2007)

TV Serie Drama | 90 min.

About Production


Zehra and Memed Ali are the children of two friendly families living in Amasra. Zehra and Memed Ali, who love each other crazy, leave with Zehra winning the university and moving to Istanbul. Memed Ali, who can’t accept the Zehra’s leaving, is both very upset and angry with Zehra. They both think that their love is over, but in fact this love is far from over. Many years later Zehra, who had to move from Istanbul due to her son’s illness, decided to go to Amasra as a solution and settled in Amasra. Memed Ali has become the mayor of Amasra. Zehra’s brother Erhan is partnering with Memed Ali. Between Memed Ali and Zehra, encountered in the marriage of Zehra’s brother Gökhan, the fire of their love started to flare up again. Zehra’s son Özgür and Memed Ali’s daughter, Gülendam, also fall in love with each other in secret, which gets things complicated further. Memed Ali, who did everything to drive Zehra out of Amasra, can’t succeed. Because Zehra has no intention of leaving, and even if nobody notices, the old love sparkles again.

Full Cast

  • Aydan Şener
  • Kenan Işık
  • Sezgi Mengi
  • Başak Parlak
  • Ayşe Nil Şamlıoğlu
  • Yasemin Balık
  • Mehmet Esen
  • Aydın Sigalı