Ece (2008)

TV Serie Sitcom | 40 min.

About Production

  • Writers: Can Sinan
  • Directors: Birkan Uz
  • Cast: Hande Ataizi Devrim Nas Mehmet Ali Erbil full cast
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 26
  • Channels: Fox TV


The tragicomic story of Ege (Mehmet Ali Erbil), who is a flirt and a macho man, and his incurring the wrath of Hilal, the woman who is furious that he hasn’t called her after having sex.
Hilal wants from a sorceress to transform Ege (Mehmet Ali Erbil) into a female, without Ege knowing that she (Mehmet Ali Erbil) takes revenge of all the women whose hearts he broke until that day.

Ege (Mehmet Ali Erbil), who realized he was a woman when she woke up one morning, is now “ECE”! After the shock she has lived, she confronts the facts and realizes that she should continue her life from where she was, but as a woman…

However, this will not be easy. She starts to see the real faces of her work friends when she is “ECE” (Hande Ataizi) whom she regarded as friends when she was “Ege” (Mehmet Ali Erbil). She gets into a survival race when almost everybody turns their back on her, but she gets the support of only one person, Ömer, whom he has never get along before…

In this process, “Ege” in the image of “ECE” notices something else; not only the image, but the emotions have also changed, and she begins to like Ömer. Among all these things, Sema, a supportive radio broadcaster friend, despite holding it inside of her untill that day reflects that she loves “Ege” very much and that makes everything get balled up.

Full Cast

  • Hande Ataizi
  • Devrim Nas
  • Mehmet Ali Erbil
  • Asuman Krause
  • Kaan Erkam
  • Nazlı Akın
  • Aydoğan Oflu
  • Enis Boztepe