Doktorlar (2006 - 2011)

TV Serie Drama | 90 - 114 min.

About Production

  • Cast: Ahmet Kutsi Karadoğan Yasemin Ergene Leyla Göksun full cast
  • Seasons: 4
  • Episodes: 97
  • Channels: Show TV, Fox TV


In Turkey’s best hospital, under the management of Opr. Dr. Haldun Göksun a new day and a period starts with new assistants. Ela, Zenan, Burak, Kader and Hasan have different characters but one common goal; to be a good doctor!

Ela is the daughter of a renowned surgeon and, unlike what everyone thinks, this situation makes her life harder all the time. From the moment they first met Levent, a mysterious, successful, handsome and romantic neurosurgeon with whom she has not had a pleasant meeting, a bond forms and they love each other.

Zenan is nothing like the others. She is rigid, normative, ambitious, and falls in love with Dr. Suat, who has at least as bright a career as Levent. Suat has a single goal: to replace Haldun’s place. His biggest rival is of course Levent.

Perfect beauty of Kader has always brought trouble to her. Being beautiful is hard. Being beautiful and a doctor is harder. However, she never reveals the pain of her orphaned growth, the difficulties she has to become a doctor. A lesson for Hasan will be quite heavy at the first day of work. On top of that, the things occurred in the operation he was in. He is now an MW. As the doctors say among themselves, “Morgue Watcher!” Burak is a know-it-all and handsome guy. He thinks he knows everything well. A total headache. He comes face to face with Surgical Department chief Haldun. Dr. Fikret, the new chief physician known as “Gestapo” becomes everyone’s nightmare.

Full Cast

  • Merve Sevi
  • Leyla Göksun
  • Ahmet Kutsi Karadoğan
  • Melike Güner
  • Yasemin Ergene
  • Bekir Aksoy
  • Yağmur Atacan
  • Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu
  • Gamze Topuz
  • Mehtap Altunok
  • Devrim Nas
  • Cüneyt Türel
  • Aysun Kayacı
  • Mehmet Aslantuğ
  • Naz Elmas