Dadı (2001 - 2002)

TV Serie Sitcom | 45 min.

About Production


Melek has been working as a shop assistant in the store selling wedding dresses for years and has been dreaming of marriage. One day she learns that her lover wants to leave her and life changes completely. Melek, left her job, starts to work by chance as a nanny to look after three children of Ömer Giritli, a wealthy man who has lost his wife. Melek, who has little experience in raising children, faces a different life style and rules in a very strange environment that she has not seen until that day…

Full Cast

  • Gülben Ergen
  • Haldun Dormen
  • Kenan Işık
  • İlkay Saran
  • Sinem Kobal
  • Yaşar Abravaya
  • Gökçe Uzuner
  • Tanju Tuncel
  • Paşhan Yılmazel