Cuma’ya Kalsa (2010)

TV Serie Sitcom | 60 min.

About Production


Cuma is a cute man loving his wife and children. He lives happily with his wife Şebnem, and children, Çağla, Melis and Berk. His wife’s sister Çiğdem and her husband Kerem frequently visit the house. Cuma and Kerem work together. Şebnem, who has a bachelor’s degree, is a housewife. Çiğdem works in the ads business. Çağla and Melis goes to elementary school, and Berk goes to kindergarten. Cuma is voluptuous as much as any man. He knows how to enjoy a good family life in his warm house. However, he is very childish. A typical man, Cuma likes to watch football on TV and to play cards with his friends in clubhouse. His brother-in-law Kerem is just like him. He likes to banter with his wife’s sister, Çiğdem. Cuma and Şebnem is still in love with each other. Constant betting is like a love game between two. Each time these bets are dragged into the absurd behaviors of the husband and wife who do not want to step back, amd the debate increasingly becomes ridiculous. At the end, Cuma understands that his wife is right and begs his wife to forgive him. But for this to happen, he has to regret the play he has started.

“Cuma’ya Kalsa” is an adaptation of sit-com called “According to Jim”, which was released on the ABC channel of America in 2001, still on the same channel, and the second most comedic series in the channel. Erol Hızarcı is adapting the scenario of the series.

Full Cast

  • Ümit Erdim
  • Nilgün Belgün
  • Haluk Bilginer
  • Çağla Şimşek
  • İnci Türkay
  • Melis Mutluç
  • Aysun Koşbay
  • Seda Kement

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