Çat Kapı (2005)

TV Serie Comedy | 60 min.

About Production

  • Directors: Birkan Uz
  • Cast: Metin Akpınar Ayten Gökçer full cast
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 31
  • Channels: Show TV


Ms. Perihan is a warm and well-intentioned as much as her husband Hüsnü is a grumpy and disagreeable. Hüsnü makes tenants go crazy because of his behaviour. Zeynep and Buket are very hesitant to take Yiğit as their roommate and decide to do this: They will misrepresent Yiğit to Hüsnü Bey. Because they know that he will never allow a man to be in the same house with girls, they introduce Yiğit as gay. Hüsnü Bey allows this harmless male tenant. Yiğit is angry that he was misrepresented. And the bashfulness of Mr. Hüsnü will lead his discomfort to increase. But that’s the way to live with the girls in that house. These misunderstandings will occasionally lead to funny events.

Full Cast

  • Metin Akpınar
  • Ayten Gökçer
  • Sevinç Erbulak
  • Alp Kırşan
  • Aysun Kayacı
  • Alican Yarka