Canım Babam (2011)

TV Serie Sitcom | 72 min.

About Production


When Kerem lost his wife four years ago, he was left with three children. He untimely lost his wife whom he was bounded with a great love, and devoted himself to his work. He worked long hours, both as a doctor and as a chief physician, and at the time, nannies raised his children. After a while, exhausted from extreme work rate and realizing that he neglected his children, Kerem leaves his job as chief physician, moves his home close to the hospital, and fires the nanny. From now on he will look after his children and try to deal with every needs of them and regain the time he lost. But a colorful surprise is waiting for Kerem in his new life. Because the new home they have moved to, this old family heirloom, is next to the house of Cansu, the sweet terror of the neighborhood. Cansu wins children’s love in a short time, and becomes a natural member of the house as a neighbor whom Kerem constantly stumble and can’t do without her help. While Kerem and Cansu are constantly confronting raising children, the balance that comes out of this conflict creates the family environment that the children need. And between these two opposites humans, an emotional bond that cannot be named is formed in time.


Full Cast

  • Mehmet Aslantuğ
  • Özge Özberk
  • Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu
  • Neslihan Atagül
  • Altan Gördüm
  • Suna Keskin