Aslı ile Kerem (2002)

TV Serie Sitcom | 45 min.

About Production

  • Writers: Haluk Özenç
  • Directors: Bora Tekay
  • Cast: Şebnem Dönmez Ozan Güven full cast
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 29
  • Channels: Show TV


Kerem is the only son of a very wealthy family. He is the general manager of the holding company that his father owns. Aslı is the daughter of a middle-class, retired father. Aslı and Kerem fall in love at first sight and get married within a week without their families knowing. Aslı’s revolutionary father Salak Muzaffer furiously reacts that his daughter marries a holding owner’s son, Kerem’s posh mother, Leopar Perihan responds loudly that her unique son has fallen for an ordinary girl. These two youngsters, grew up in very different cultures and environments than one another, will try to meet in common places, and that will cause very interesting and funny events…

Full Cast

  • Şebnem Dönmez
  • Ozan Güven
  • Argun Kınal
  • Ruhsar Gültekin
  • Yıldırım Öcek
  • Alev Oraloğlu
  • İlker Ayrık
  • Demet Evgar