Aşk Oyunu (2005 - 2006)

TV Serie Drama, Romance | 60 min.

About Production


A young girl with a poor mind, and this young girl’s troublesome brother. On the other side, a rich, handsome young man under the pressure of his father. The father, who wants to marry him with a girl named Berna, because of his son’s rakishness. But Sarp does not want to marry this girl. She tells Ekin that she can make a fake marriage for a six-month period and give her as much money as she wants. She refuses this offer first, but have to accept it because of his brother, Kurti. First, the families are opposed and then they are convinced on both sides. But Sarp’s mother, Feryal is against this. Ekin and Sarp treat each other very badly after they get married. Then they fall in love with each other, but they cannot tell one another. There is another problem. Kenan is in love with Berna, Berna is in love with Sarp, and Sarp is in love with Ekin. After Ekin and Sarp confess their love to each other, they read a text under the heading “the fake bride” in the newspaper while setting up a holiday for a beautiful honeymoon, and their paths are separated. They will meet later without their families’ knowing, but this time Sarp’s first love Yasemin comes from Switzerland, for whom he wrote songs but couldn’t find love in return, and things get mixed up. On a farewell day, Yasemin tells Sarp that he is in love with him and kisses him. Ekin and Sarp will marry tomorrow and they go to a hotel. Everything in the hotel has been very nice past and in the morning. Sarp’s friend takes a photo of the moment that Yasemin kisses Sarp and send it to Sarp so that it will remain as a memory. Ekin sees this and does not forgive Sarp and marries Kenan. Sarp goes to Switzerland with Yasemin. Sarp comes back after 4 years. Ekin has a son from Sarp. Sarp falls in love with Ekin while on the verge of marrying Yasemin, but Ekin is married to Kenan.

Full Cast

  • Yasemin Ergene
  • Keremcem Dürük
  • Kuzey Vargın
  • Gönen Bozbey
  • Tardu Flordun
  • Aydoğan Oflu
  • Deniz Özerman
  • Ozan Uygun
  • Belit Özukan