Adını Feriha Koydum (2011 - 2012)

TV Serie Romance, Drama | 120 min.

About Production

  • Writers: Sırma Yanık Melis Civelek
  • Directors: Merve Girgin
  • Cast: Hazal Kaya Vahide Gördüm full cast
  • Seasons: 2
  • Episodes: 67
  • Language: Turkish
  • International broadcasts: Turkey, Spain, United Arab Emirates


Feriha, the doorman’s daughter in a luxury apartment in Etiler, and her mother Zehra are thrilled by the results of the university exam. While the university is the key point of the mother’s dreams for the future of her daughter, Feriha’s twin Mehmet who didn’t attend school after elementary and his father Rıza, who is a fatalistic man due to his nature, doesn’t feel the same excitement as them. While Mehmet is envious of Feriha, he is aware of the enthusiasm of his twin, and the longing she felt for the gorgeous life ‘above’.

In Feriha’s life, the most important thing for her beside the university goal is Cansu, who lives ‘above’ and has a problematic relationship with her stepmother. Cansu is also waiting for the results of the exam like Feriha. Finally, the big day arrives. Feriha, who gets a scholarship at a distinguished private university, will take a step into university life. While the colorful figures of the school are attracting the attention of Feriha, she follows the handsome playboy Emir Sarrafoğlu of the school and community life. Feriha, who goes to school with Cansu’s clothes and sat in Etiler, is no different from them in sight. While enjoying these artificial likenesses, Feriha’s life will suddenly lead to a world full of lies by a visit her father makes to the school.

Feriha becomes the target for Hande who is trying to draw attention of Emir and has unmentioned feelings with him, then a single lie brings new lies. While the lies are chasing each other, Feriha’s misplaced step turns into a bomb that explodes in the middle of doorman’s small home.

Full Cast

  • Vahide Gördüm
  • Hazal Kaya
  • Metin Çekmez
  • Çağatay Ulusoy
  • Melih Selçuk
  • Ceyda Ateş
  • Deniz Uğur
  • Barış Kılıç
  • Ahu Sungur
  • Ufuk Tan Altunkaya
  • Pelin Ermiş
  • Yusuf Akgün
  • Sedef Şahin
  • Feyza Civelek

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