Adını Feriha Koydum – Emir’in Yolu (2012)

TV Serie Drama | 120 min.

About Production


There occurs a great tragedy in the opening of Yavuz’s club; Ünal, who cannot stand what Yavuz has done, put an end to his life. The time has come for Emir to play the game on Yavuz, after learning what he had done to his father. Güneş Sancaktar, the brother of Yavuz, is the target of Emir, who has sworn to make Yavuz live what he has gone through. In order to avoid his family’s dirty world, Güneş was sent abroad, but the big game begins when he returns home. Coming out of living in a glass case, Güneş wants only to live an ordinary life as his peers. Güneş meets Emir when he gives a battle to come out to the real world. While Emir influences Güneş slowly, nothing will be as before as the revenge game is played…

Full Cast

  • Çağatay Ulusoy
  • Deniz Uğur
  • Emre Koç
  • Furkan Andıç
  • Beril Kayar
  • Yusuf Akgün
  • Zeynep Çamcı

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